Current Issue

Volume 8, Number 1


Aggrieved Entitlement in the Ivory Tower: Exploratory Qualitative Results from a Large-Scale Campus Climate Survey
- Walter S. Dekeseredy, Kathryn Burnham, Robert Nicewarner, James Nolan, Amandaa K. Hall-Sanchez

Ethically Representing Drug Use: Photographs and Ethnographic Research with People Who Use Methamphetamine
- Heith Copes, Whitney Tchoula, Jared Ragland

It's Dirty Work But Someone Has To Do It: An Examination of Correctional Officer Taint Management Techniques
- Scott Chenault, Brooke Collins

#JESUISPARIS?: An Appeal to Hypocrisy and Justifications for Mass Casualty Violence
- Karyn Sporer, Michael K. Logan, Gina S. Ligon, Doug C. Derrick

An Analytical History of Black Female Lynchings in the United States, 1838-1969
- David V. Baker, Gilbert Garcia

"I Did What I Believe is Right": A Study of Neutralizations Among Anonymous Operation Participants
- Kimberly A. DeTardo-Bora, Erica N. Clark, Bill Gardner